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Sales: 918-508-8132
Sales: 918-508-8132


Apr 29 - 30 2022


Fri: 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM, Sat. 9 AM to Noon
6:30 pm - 12:00 pm



Leadership Preparedness Conference

Kingdom Keepers Mindset presents in special memory of Pastor Bruce Delay.

The conference will cover current events nationally and internationally that are impacting our nation and way of life. We as the Church are in a position to witness the greatest harvest of souls, in our history, if we are prepared for the storm that is coming upon our communities, nation, and the world.

Our guest speakers:  Bill Davis, Daryle E.J. Simpson, Rod Marlin, and Sheriff Vic Rigoletto

Attending this conference will provide Church leaders with ideas and practical applications for the following Biblical Perspective.

  • Upcoming Biblical Events
  • Economic or Societal Collapses
  • How to have an Effective Contingency Plan
  • How to Steward and Deploy Resources
  • How to Create a Network & Communication Channels
  • and so much more.

People will be looking to us for answers and aid.

Will we be prepared to answer?

RSVP and Reserve Your Seat Today.

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